5 Books I’m Reading Right Now – April 2017

Books are one of the things I seem to be constantly accumulating. It feels like as soon as I’ve pared my collection down to a manageable size, one box of books to ‘Half-Price’ at a time, I blink and my shelves are overflowing again. This is a two-fold curse of being an English major and an Amazon Prime addict. 
Honesty moment: This post contains affiliate links. Basically, that means if you decide to buy something from one of my links, at no cost to you, I receive a small commission. Like, buy-myself-a-coffee-maybe kind of money. I wouldn’t dream of recommending anything I didn’t believe in. I really do own all of these books (that I paid for myself) and want to share them with you.  
‘Peace is Every Step’ by Thich That Hahn

The yoga studio I go to has recently started a book club and this is the book for this month. Hahn is a well known Zen-master and I really enjoy his teachings on mindfulness. This book is split up into super short, little chapters —almost more like page long thoughts — about ways to bring mindfulness into your day. It’s been the perfect book to throw in my bag to read as a quick mental break when I’m studying (instead of scrolling mindlessly through Facebook one more time).
‘Milk and Honey’ by Rupi Kaur

I’ll admit, this was totally an impulse purchase. I just felt like I needed it to complete the “deep-thinking-20-something-female” aesthetic. Ok, joking a side, this book is beautiful. It’s filled with short, powerful, meaningful poetry that lasts with you and can be re-read over and over. I’ve only had a chance to spend a little bit reading it, but I already see what all the hype has been about. 
‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed

I signed up for a two-month long backpacking trip and then bought this book all with in a 20-minute time frame because it seemed like the right thing to do. Most people I feel like I already know about this book, that follows the author’s journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, but I’m really enjoying Stayed’s narrative style and the emotional connection she creates to her journey. 
‘Magic for Beginners’ by Kelly Link

I had to include at least one true work of literary fiction. Link is a phenomenal, modern short story writer. If you already love short stories and magical realism, then you need this book (or, more realistically, you probably already know about Kelly Link). If you’re new to the form or genre, then this is definitely the perfect place to start. Short stories are one of my favorite types of literature because they pack such a powerful, concentrated punch of emotion into something you can read fully in one sitting, and then you’re left with it lingering in the back of your head for the rest of the day. 
‘Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration’ by Meera Lee Patel

Ok, I’m not technically reading this (it’s a journal) but I had to include it. I already have a pretty regular journaling practice, but this has been such a fun addition. The prompts are unique and really force you to think about yourself and your experiences in unexpected ways, while not requiring a huge time commitment — I’d say most pages you could do in 5-10 minutes. Plus, the artwork is gorgeous and it’s packed full of inspiring quotes. 
What are you reading right now? Any suggestions for me on what to check out next? 

  1. Chelf

    April 5, 2017 at 6:30 am

    milk n honey sounds interesting!

    1. smstartz

      April 5, 2017 at 6:31 am

      It’s really good, you should definitely check it out!

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