5 Podcasts to Change Your Perspectives

Podcasts have become one of my favorite forms of media and it seems like I’m almost constantly listening to one. Whether I’m riding my bike, sitting in traffic, or cleaning house I’ve got one playing. Podcasts are kind of like a high-tech, socially acceptable form of eavesdropping.

I listen to a pretty wide variety of podcasts, some just for fun, some pretty random, but my favorite are podcasts ones that teach me something. They’re an awesome opportunity to get introduced to some new ideas, without the full commitment of a book and more in depth than a short article. 

Here are 5 of my (current) favorite podcasts to give you something new to think about:

  1. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

What: Former Pro-Athlete turned self-help guru Lewis Howes interviews current thinkers and professionals in the self-help industry

Why: Wide variety of interviewees and Lewis’s calm

2. The Art of Charm

What: An interview and Q&A format podcast hosted by AJ and Jordan on self-improvement, with a networking/business focus

Why: The well-known and unexpected interviewees and the surprisingly relatable and applicable advice 

3. Guys We F@#ked

What: What started as an attempt to get over a breakup turned into a hilarious, feminist podcast by two comedians 

Why: It’s funny and intelligent and they have some of the most unique interviewees on the show

4. The Rich Roll Podcast


What: Ultra-endurance and plant-based athlete, Rich Roll ‘goes deep’ with athletes, thinkers, and activists 

Why: Self-improvement with a health and athletic focus and Rich’s ability to get his interviewees into meaningful conversations

5. Savage Lovecast

What: Relationship advice from the one and only Dan Savage

Why: Dan is incredibly opinionated, and while I don’t always agree with him, I like getting his perspective on different issues 

What are your favorite podcasts to make you think?